Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2nd semester

i just checked my school mail, and here is what i found:

1 - passing GED scores for my last MO Option student (yay!! that means she gets her diploma at the end of the year. incidentally, she is the one whose dad is in prison for kicking a cop. she's battled through a lot, and i'm very proud of her.)

2 - the following plan of a student who shall remain anonymous: "touretts, bipolar, adhd, ODD (oppositioanl defiant disorder), and severe PDD (on the autism spectrum)." the only condition in that list that i'm somewhat weary of is ODD, but i'm not sure why because i think about 25-60% (depending on the day) of the kids i deal with have ODD.

in other news, here's what i'll be doing this semseter:
1 - attempting to get about 15 or 16 students ready for the GED so they will pass, get their diplomas, and be fine citizens not living on welfare when they grow up. (i only had 4 in the program first semester, so this is a change.) also helping several other students recover classes they've previously failed. again.
2 - learning how to deal with ODD.
3 - taking 6 hours of classes. (after that, 5 more hours til my master's.)
4 - coaching track.
5 - watching as many LR baseball games as possible. i like to watch the games, but i really like to watch coacher (particularly when LR is winning).
6 - continuing to visit the Y in the morning, despite the naked people. however, these days there don't seem to be as many as there were the first few times i went. (but that might be because now my eyes are only halfway open when i'm there.)
7 - playing club vb.
8 - learning more about the intricacies of the Bible. it's completely awesome how everything is woven together.
9 - becoming a couponing queen. (my first attempt was so-so. i need those experts to host another class. i'll even offer to give them my entire savings upon my first outing. that's only about 72 cents or so; i think i can afford it.


  1. odd is tricky...super frustrating at first and then you just figure out to stair into their eyes when they are laughing at you and just laugh right along with them...it always throws them for a loop

  2. oooh, thanks for the suggestions. so far so good...