Monday, December 8, 2008

Mother Bybee

whenever my friends and i said "mom" way back in high school we would be met with about 10 different heads turning to give us their attention. this was because there were always right around 8-10 moms around at any given volleyball tourney, basketball game, track meet, school event, or a fun get-together, and "mom" sounds the same when coming out of any teenager's mouth. all of the moms were moms to all, but my own mom was (still is) unquestionably the best. for this reason, i began calling for "Mother Bybee" if i wanted to get my biological mom's attention.

anyway, i will keep this quick because Mother Bybee will probably be embarrassed to read about herself on the internet, but here are a few things you should know about her (even if you don't really know her):

1 - there is not one ounce of 'bad' in her body. she is wholly good.
2 - she is the best cookie-baker ever. (just ask her grandkids, who help her make cookies every time they go over to "MeMaw's" house. only problem is the dough never really makes it to the oven when they're there...or when i'm there.)
3 - she and my dad are the most giving people i have ever known. one example: we know this woman who has all sorts of health problems, money problems, etc. my parents occasionally drive her up to columbia for surgery, take her out to lunch, minister to her spiritual needs, and do countless other things for her. if coacher and i learn to be even half as giving as my parents are, we will have done something right.
4 - sometimes i think she stops breathing when she laughs really hard. it's so awesome...
5 - she is beautiful, inside and out. (also, i must say that coacher and i both noticed that she was absolutely glowing on our wedding day. i can think of two possible reasons for this: 1 - she was glad see me officially "leave and cleave," or 2 - she knew how divinely happy i was.)
6 - she is a really great shopper and an even better listener. i don't really trust many other people to go shopping with me (or to listen to me when i talk nonsense sometimes).
7 - the meaning of Ruthie is "friend, companion." There's so much in a name.

happy birthday, Mom/Mother Bybee/Ruthie/MeMaw. the world is brighter with you in it.