Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas, coacher

Christmas came early Monday night....Coacher went and picked out a baby chocolate lab for Christmas. i was going to make it a surprise when we got back from SD, but my plans got foiled a little bit. oh well. he's a cute little thing...clumsy enough to run into chairs and fall down on wood floors, which i find completely hilarious. his name is shooter, so now we have shooter and banjo (could we sound like hillbillies any more than we do now??)

banjo doesn't know what to think. she has been guarding her 16-inch personal bubble pretty adamantly.

bonus pics: my family after the Christmas festivities have fizzled. Kiersten got a Nintendo DS and a game that allows her to choose a pet. she chose a choclate lab puppy and named him shooter. :o) Baby Addyson was a very happy, talkative girl the whole time, and she--quite obviously-- loves her MeMaw.