Friday, December 19, 2008


here's what i've/we've been doing lately:

1 - visiting santa at bass pro.

2 - cleaning up about three messes per day from the new addition to the fam. the latest mess: christmas tree tipped over.

3 - massages and ear wax candles. let me tell you, both experiences were very interesting for both of us.

4 - playing lotz of volleyball.

5 - finishing my grad class. (11 hours left!)

6 - Searching for Truth

7 - Christmas shopping and wrapping

8 - hanging out with cool people (some of whom are leaving us soon, just like several other cool people have already done...)

9 - ripping up the carpet in the living room and putting up trim

10 - counting down the days of school: 2 left for me.

things we are doing over the next week or so:

tonight: wedding rehearsal out of town
tomorrow: wedding
sunday: church. christmas with my dad's side in preston, mo. wrapping Christmas presents to earn money for the DCO at the battlefield mall. (come see us. we do good work. well, i do decent work, but the other girls are really good. and it's for a good cause.)
monday: meeting the girls to talk about playing more volleyball. possibly picking up our new puppy.
tuesday: Christmas with the fam. eating a lot.
wednesday: Christmas Eve service. annual Christmas Eve dinner.
thursday: Christmas. eating a lot.
friday: packing for South Dakota. probably shopping for some good deals.
saturday: Christmas with my mom's side. eating a lot. leaving for South Dakota. staying in kc with brad's funny friend.
sunday-saturday: south dakota, which will include: skiing/snowboarding, stopping at random places on the highway. visiting mount rushmore. visiting crazy horse. corn mansion. camping (yes, camping) in the dead of winter in the northern US. building fires in a cabin. possibly snowmobiling. visiting some of those cool friends who have moved away. custer state park. hiking.
saturday afternoon: guest book girl at cousin's wedding.
saturday night: sleep. a lot.

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