Friday, November 14, 2008


happenings of the week, beginning with the most recent:

(before you read this you should know that i really do like my job a lot. it's true. there are just some days...)

1 - one of my best middle hitters in volleyball just came in to hug me goodbye. she is moving to illinois to be with family. stink.

2 - fight in hallway. a sub just walked into my class to tell me that two chicks were fighting in the hallway, so i, being the big, buff teacher that i am, went to find the girls to escort them to the office. i found one girl bleeding in the bathroom, surrounded by a mob of gossip-hungry teenagers. i told the girl she needed to come with me to the office, then went back to the hallway to find the other girl, who the sub said was wearing all red. well, right there, wearing red, was a girl who tried out for the vb team and had an attitude that smelled like last Christmas' tuna casserole. i mistakingly judged that she had been the culprit and started taking her to the office. "i wasn't fighting," she scowled. long story short they are getting the video tape of the incident from the security cameras. (i have not really been taught break-up-the-fight protocol. that might be necessary soon.)

3 - there is this girl in my class. she just enrolled and is independent, which means she is not under the care of an adult. she is under her own care (you can imagine how well that works out.) she's in my class because she's failed one course (not bad, compared to others), but i cannot figure her out for the life of me. she is by far not my best, kindest, quietest student, although sometimes she works well and gets a good amount of work done. today she would not stop with the talking and attitude. i told someone in class he needed to get to work (shocking! you actually have to EARN things...i mean, this is your second chance to get credit for class and i am actually going to make you earn it yourself and be responsible. i am asking sooo much! please note my sarcasm and annoyance...) anyway, out of her mouth come the words, "she pisses me off," referring to me, because i told someone else to get to work. i made her sit in the front desk really close to me the rest of class. (to which she protested several times, took her time getting there, then sat and did nothing for the remainder of class.) please pray for her and her situation, and for me to have patience and discipline to keep my mouth shut when i want to get sarcastic.

4) - this one kid in particular finally called me Mrs. LOTZ (long o, rhymes with oats) instead of Mrs. Lots. i never corrected him in the past because i went throught it thoroughly in the beginning of the year with all classes, but i feel that we made a breakthrough. don't worry; "lots" will return on Monday.

5) - found a nice note and chocolates from my husband who left for "Deer Camp." i have missed him since he left.

6) - found a note in my door jam this morning from a student: "You should read this 'Good Morning.' Smile it's friday already." (written exactly like that. this was from a student who comes in early every morning and talks to me and another student about a different girl he has a crush on each time. it's pretty entertaining, really, but also a little bit heartbreaking because usually one of his friends has "stolen" her away from him. poor guy. he's about the most polite kid you'll ever meet, too. he always asks EVERYONE in class how they are and how their weekends were, and he even says sorry when he needs to go to the bathroom. what a kid.

7) - one of my students tried to punch our security officer. emphasis on "tried."

8) - yesterday a guest speaker came to talk to my class about finance and building credit. he was a banker, and he constantly told us he loved money. he also told us several things i really didn't want to know, like how 5 years ago he dated this really hot blonde who worked as an office manager, and she was a really good kisser, and he missed her. then he told us that soon America would become North Mexico, and that women drivers suck. among other words/phrases mentioned were the following: sh*t, turn your head and your a** will follow, pimpin', 69 (wrote it on the board in full knowledge of what he was doing), b*tch, SOB, POS, etc. He also said something along the lines of, "can i ask...or 'aks' a question?" Another great quote: "If you think this is bad, you should see me drunk at a party." So on and so on until this, which I considered to be the grand conclusion: "I have an absolute dearth of knowledge." Yes, sir, you are correct.

9) - one of my students brought her mom in to meet me. this student is in the Missouri Option Program and is already married and living with her husband's step-dad in some difficult situations. her mom just came in to tell me thank you and to tell me her daughter talks about me every day. rewarding.

obviously, my job can best be described as "interesting," but i am learning a lot and very thankful for it and the kids i get to meet.


  1. jenny, again i have to say thanks for being a teacher. So under-appreciated and underpaid for sure. I love reading your blog, even tho it is hard sometimes, to read about these kids who really are so far behind in things, some because they choose to be, and some who are trying to turn around. Not that it is even close, but I babysat for about 5 years while my kids were small, and the ones who love me still are the ones I was sometimes hardest on. These kids are seeing Christ in you everyday. I think it is amazing the job you do. As all teachers.
    Also, just a little more...I am so glad you love Coacher. I know, i am WAY too young to be his mom, but our family really loves that guy. It has been great to see him fall in love with you, marry you and blog about how wonderful and so out of his league you are. All true. Isn't God good?
    Well, before I get any more mushy...bye.

  2. Every time I drive past Central in the day time (which isn't everyday, but often enough), I pray for you, all alone in that room with no windows. Your stories are surely funny, though.

  3. I'm so glad that you posted this! It's been a rough week for me at Pipkin, and it's just nice to remember to stop to laugh at how truly quirky students can be!

  4. Wait a minute...YOU married Brad Lotz...he just was not a student in your class...I have been confused about this all along.

  5. How nice of Brad to leave you a note! And it was a full moon last Friday, might have had something to do with everyone's trouble with their kids...

  6. cindy, you have no idea how much your comment meant to me. i love coacher to death (and i'm in no way out of his league...sometimes i wonder how he puts up with me...i tend to be a wee-bit ultrasensitive at times!), and it's good to know i'm accepted. i have often wondered what people think about this random girl that showed up on his arm one day...