Friday, November 21, 2008

friday=fight day

i'm pretty sure that's the rule around here. one last friday. one this friday.

actually, today was more of an escalation to a fight without actual punches thrown, but a guy did drop his bag and take off his jacket. that's serious stuff. i, being the buff teacher that i am, went out there and said something like, "ok, time to cut it out," to which no one responded. i kept saying phrases like this and standing semi-in-between the boys until i realized i was getting nowhere (didn't take too long) and i ran to the man-teacher across the hall to get some reinforcement. before, it was just a student-teacher and me in the hallway trying to figure out what to do, along with some maintenance workers just watching. (thanks for the help maintenance guys.) mrs. stephanie albritton was also subbing across the hall, and i was waiting for her to book it over to the fight and throw a couple of punches to show those boys who was boss, but she didn't 'make an appearance. she probably didn't want to embarrass anybody. both boys would have been in her classroom for the following block had it not been for the fight. that would have been fun, huh?

oh, fridays, how i love and hate you.

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  1. Why not let them fight? I say if they want to fight slap some gloves on them and let them beat each other to a pulp until they can get along, or one dies.