Monday, November 24, 2008

banjo and my grains

first of all, i have a wee little confession: i like cats. i realize that i will probably get made fun of for this, but i can't change it. i'm not one of those freaky cat-lovers who has 90 cats in the house or anything...don't get the wrong idea. i just think they're cute. anyway, coacher isn't a big fan of them, but somehow we ended up taking a cute little kitty home from my grandparents' house yesterday. (i didn't even ask...) all the little kids were crazy over it (and i think coacher's migraine might have clouded his judgment) so we took her (we think it's a she) home in order to bribe neices and nephews to visit us more often. :o) coacher even said he liked her, but i haven't yet figured out if it was his migraine headache speaking or if he really did like the kitty.

i was a bit concerned we would be made fun of for having a cat (dog people like to make fun), but then i was reminded that the admin family has a cat AND the mcintyres (who took our wedding pics) have a cat. so now we are thinking that the cat will probably make us more artsty. we are just waiting for some sort of artistic talent to come to us.

anyway, we finally named her last night: banjo. yep. that's the name. (PLEASE tell me you have seen the movie baby mama and remember that line...PLEASE!)

among other names up for consideration:

(on a semi-sidenote: i need an effective treatment/method of pain management for migraines. coacher has been a trooper with his major migraine headache the past few days, but i felt pretty helpless the whole time, so i'm looking for some relief for him. he's getting better now, but any suggestions are much-appreciated. i know a couple of other people who could use some ideas, too.)

we will keep you updated on whether or not the cat actually stays with us or goes back to grandma's on Thanksgiving.