Thursday, October 2, 2008


i'm tired of filling my mind with tv trash. not that i really watch tv all that much (favorite shows, and thus the only ones i really watch: office, run's house, some cooking, some tlc), but i sometimes watch it even when there's nothing good on. i'm tired of the tube, and i'd like to spend my downtime doing something a little more beneficial. i'm fairly busy most of the time, but books are just the ticket when i'm stressed or tired of "going" and "doing". i used to read a ton and always had a list of books i'd like to read, but i just now walked up to the library and could not find one single book to read. (same thing happens with me when trying to rent a movie. what WAS that movie i wanted to see so badly??) anyway, i'd like some suggestions. (i'll take them in book or movie format).

as a reference point, i want to read some biographies, autobiographies, historical descriptions, etc. (the historical side of my brain is only about 5% full...i need to fix that.) also, i think redeeming love is just about the best book written in the last 50 years, and i love grisham's "a painted house," historical fiction, jane austen, and leif enger's "peace like a river."

ready? go.