Wednesday, October 29, 2008

addyson elle

See? My parents just got one of those recently. No need to give them another.

Welcome, Addyson Elle Bybee. (You'll get your new infant-sized volleyball from your aunt as soon as she can find one. Also, having two older brothers will be rough, but I'll teach you how to handle 'em. I'm kind of an expert. Hint: When they hang you over the balcony railing by your feet, laugh and pretend you're not scared. Makes them so mad!)


  1. you're wrong...the world needs a little bybee-lotz's so weird, memory keeper's daughter huh?...dont remember selling that to must have come in when i was out...


  2. actually, i think mother bybee probably came in while you were out. i got it from her.

  3. jenny, she looks like you! i'm not kiddin'