Friday, October 24, 2008

4+1 unrelated thoughts

well, i would say that it's officially cold outside, but i think the heat coming from the political commentaries at downtownblogs is keeping all of us warm.

moving along. i have quite a few random comments to make:

1 - i LOVE "old people." (I put that in quotes because the older i get the less old other people get. it's a relative judgment call.) Anyway, I love, love, LOVE them. i love old couples who still hold hands and serve one another and gloat over their kids. i love it that they have no idea what the internet is and have no desire to learn. i love it that they grew up in very tough times and still found ways to make it through and smile. on the flip side, it makes me want to cry when i see an old man shopping by himself in the grocery store or sitting by himself at a restaurant. i just want to run up and hug him. (i wonder what would happen if i did...) those men just look so lonesome. i feel weird admitting this, but sometimes when i see a lonely-looking person i get the chin quiver and it takes a lot of energy to hold back. that may be silly, but so it goes. older women, on the other hand, don't get to me as much. it's not that i don't feel for them, but it always seems as though they have more of a support system or something.

2 - volleyball season is nearing the end. i cannot express to you how this makes me feel, because i don't know yet. i do know that i will be quite relieved, because 1) i need more sleep, as evidenced by the dark bags under my eyes; 2) i need a massage to work out the stress cramp that's formed in my right shoulder; and 3) i would like to see my husband WAY more than i do now. (we have not had a quiet weekend since we got married. no joke.) this group of girls is very talented and extremely athletic, but as a team we just could not produce the results we were capable of. i could make excuse after excuse about why we didn't perform up to our expectations, but in the end i truly believe that another coach could have helped this team realize and live up to their potential. it has been a very frustrating battle for me (i hate to be bad at anything i do), and i've felt like a failure about 7 times a day since sept 2. on the other hand, i really do care a lot for these girls and it seems that i have been able to discuss topics from one extreme to the other with them, which i know was my ultimate calling anyway (it's just hard to keep that in mind when you're down 18-13 to a team you should beat). i never really thought about or wanted to be a head coach, but i truly believe the Lord put me here for a reason, and i guess that reason isn't to have an overwhelmingly "successful" volleyball season. many of you have heard coacher say that most of these girls refer to their dads as "sperm donors," meaning that they just make babies and move along to another woman. this is so sad to me, and i hope that in some way coacher and i can show them what a family looks like.

3 - i like sarah palin. i don't care what anyone says.

4 - Christmas is less than 9 weeks away. i need some ideas for the following "types"
of people:
a) parents who have everything they could ever want or need and won't ever let
you pay for dinner.
b) sisters-in-law who could buy just about anything they want. they are cute,
crafty, trendy, semi-stay-at-home-mom types.
c) coacher (seriously...i don't have a clue. and no, i won't buy him a fake deer
to set up in the living room.)

+1 - The ways of the liberal media have now infultrated our high schools. I just got the newest edition of the HS newspaper and read the overwhelmingly biased writings about the Prez. candidates. In short, "Obama will...." and "McCain believes..." Subtle isn't it? Our media has conditioned you well, young journalists.


  1. I also share the same feeling about lonely guys, old guys.
    Digital picture frames are a good idea for people that have everything they want.
    Sister in law is hard, I'm blank on that.

  2. I have held back tears many times... especially for the old man alone at a restaurant :-(

    And as for coaching...I may only have seventh grade but my girl's record is way below their potential...SO FRUSTRATING and woohoo for getting to go home after school!!!

  3. I don't think I have ever commented on your blog. It is always very interesting, but today just touched my heart. I, too, have always, even as a little girl, been touched by seeing lonely
    old men. A really sweet old man will make me feel very sad, while a grouchy old man just disgusts me. I am married to one of those sweet men. He is not too old yet, but I believe he will always be sweet. Hope you have the same type of husband. They make life a real joy.

  4. I love old people, too. I hung out with my grandparents tonight and they are just so funny and full of great stories. I think a lot of times they just want to talk, and the fact is it would be amazing to listen. LOVE SARAH! Was running this morning and saw all the crazy people lined up at 5, it was great. Idea for the parents... baby. That's what my sister got my parents and it seems to be their favorite gift thus far. Maybe not this year, but keep it in mind for future reference =)

  5. hmn...a christmass gift for your fam and bout a little white stick with a plus sign...


  6. thanks so much for the ideas and shared sentiments. one point i feel i should make at this point is that my parents have already received several babies for presents, (the most recent being about 2 weeks ago...i told you...they have EVERYTHING!) and coacher's parents have one brand new grandbaby and another on the way. i think that takes care of both sides for a while. right?? :o)