Wednesday, September 24, 2008

real questions i've been asked today and things i learned last week

1 -- Is the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers the same thing?
2 -- Is Mississippi a state?
3 -- Is New Orleans in Indiana?

We need a little help with US geography. It's true. (And I thought I was bad...)

Now, things I learned last week:

1 -- a "slap" is a car. at least that's what one of my students told me. she is probably trying to make me feel stupid.

2 -- "big bootie" is the name of a game girls are playing these days. apparently it's educational because it helps with memory. that's all i know.

3 -- i need a chi. short hair requires it. no joke.

4 -- playing volleyball in a gym all day long is quite a bit more fun than watching it all day long. God bless my parents for doing that for me so many years.

5 -- students who dress like girls but have male parts must use the nurse's bathroom. (sparing the details, let's just say friday was interesting.) Locker room adjustments are TBA.

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  1. Yikes! sounds like you've got quite a job ahead of you.