Friday, September 26, 2008

bulldogs and chi-tahs

if there's one thing my team is good at, it's finding bargains. (i should note that they are good at volleyball, too, and they are getting much better at playing as a team...but that's not my point right now.) the other day when we were just waiting around in a gym, we got into a discussion about the amount of skill it takes to be a well-dressed, bargain-finding woman. (sidenote: they think i'm a good dresser. i told them to wait until winter when i drag myself out of bed and throw on the closest piece of clothing i can find. THEN they will know the truth about my dressing skills. i'm always a poser in the beginning of a school year.) after talking to the girls about good deals, i discovered i need to be shopping with these girls! they find the best deals! example: one girl bought her homecoming dress for a dollar. a dollar!! the same girl also found a cute pair of shoes for around 7 cents.

sooo, today we are going shopping as a team. but it's more than shopping. last friday we had to have a very LONG discussion about playing as a team, decision-making, working together on the court and off, liking eachother (or at least acting like it) and celebrating good things (even if they don't happen to us, personally.) i think the girls figured out a lot through the discussion, and we also came up with some teambuilding activities that will allow us to see the good in eachother. one of them: shopping! so, for practice today we'll be bargain-hunting for eachother at the battlefield mall (and probably chowing down know, shopping takes a lot out of you!).

yep. i'm excited. now if only coacher would tell me what to get him for his b-day. (besides a chi...i'm not joking; that's what he said.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

real questions i've been asked today and things i learned last week

1 -- Is the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers the same thing?
2 -- Is Mississippi a state?
3 -- Is New Orleans in Indiana?

We need a little help with US geography. It's true. (And I thought I was bad...)

Now, things I learned last week:

1 -- a "slap" is a car. at least that's what one of my students told me. she is probably trying to make me feel stupid.

2 -- "big bootie" is the name of a game girls are playing these days. apparently it's educational because it helps with memory. that's all i know.

3 -- i need a chi. short hair requires it. no joke.

4 -- playing volleyball in a gym all day long is quite a bit more fun than watching it all day long. God bless my parents for doing that for me so many years.

5 -- students who dress like girls but have male parts must use the nurse's bathroom. (sparing the details, let's just say friday was interesting.) Locker room adjustments are TBA.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

life in the fast lane

Busy, busy, busy. We've had three games a week this week and last, with tourneys on both Saturdays. Next Saturday is a frosh tourney (and I get to ride the bus...lovely), and the next Saturday after is another JV and Varsity tourney. You better believe I'll be sleeping in Oct. 11. Possibly sleeping all day, actually.

Also, I'm taking an online class. Why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment and I have to finish my master's this year to move up the pay scale. (If we are going to be taking trips to CR--which I am overwhelmingly excited about--I am going to have to start bringing home more bacon. Except for the fact that I don't cook or even like bacon. You get the point.)

I got my hair whacked off on Sunday. It was scary at the time, but I love it now. Coacher picked out the cut, but he didn't think I'd follow through with it. That'll teach him to doubt my 'extremeness.' It's not supershort, but short enough that when I wash it I wonder whose hair I'm washing. (And it doesn't take me 40 minutes to brush it out when it's wet...shew!) (Pics are coming as soon as I get a moment or two.)

Yesterday I got two pans of brownies and a sheet cake (all from my vb girls) for my birthday, none of which I even had a chance to eat. (My point is, these girls are so sweet!) Then Coacher treated me like a lady when I got home. (I could not be more happy than I am when I'm with him.) A nice dinner at Nakato's (sans the Japanese birthday song...I don't like to be the center of attention, and for all I know they could be singing, "We wish you a rotten birthday filled with snakes and cold weather without a blanket in sight." Seriously...) Then "Baby Mama." I'm not sure what the resident movie critics have to say about the movie, but I thought it was pretty funny (mostly because it mocks almost everything). "Time for your playdate with Wingspan and Banjo!" Classic line.

The weather is getting cooler, which means Coacher is a little giddy and watching deer hunt footage in much of his spare time. (Maybe it's okay that I'm busy right now.)

On a bit of a different note, I am pretty sure I like my teaching gig. The first few weeks were rough (not necessarily because of the kids...) The kids are pretty good; most of them have some crazy home situations. For example, you may have heard about the guy who is now being charged for murder after kicking a hospital security guard in the back of the head. He's the father of a girl I have in class for three hours every day. She acts like it doesn't bother her much...I can't imagine.

That's all my thoughts.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things honest, whatsoever things just, whatsoever things pure, whatsoever things lovely, whatsoever things of good report; if any virtue, and if any praise, think on these things." - Philippians 4:8

these are the best things to think about anyway, right? this advice seems so logical, yet at times it can be so hard to live by. lately, i have needed constant reminders to focus on good, particularly the good in people, so i put this here (and on my desk at school) to provide just that. i have this nasty tendancy to get bogged down in circumstances. i let them stress me out, produce knots in my shoulder, wake me up at 4 AM, not enjoy simply relaxing with people i love, etc. throughout the circumstances i know that i need the eyes of my loving Father, yet i continue to try to wade through the filth on my own without noticing the gems along the way. i know it makes me stronger, so i am thankful, but in the midst of it my focus is off.

here's to focusing on the lovely things in life.

(on a side note, circumstances alluded to above have nothing to do with students or with marriage. those are the lovely things.)