Monday, August 25, 2008


a few of the conversational bits and pieces i have heard today (my "official" day one of the new teaching gig):

1 -- they are keeping their eyes on me for anger problems.
2 -- man, i had the worst night last night. (pause for dramatic effect) i got arrested.
3 -- is he the one who bought the alcohol? (speaking of someone's relative or another student, i believe)
4 -- my mom kicked me out again. (other kid: man, i hate that. it's so annoying to deal with new schedules and everything.) my dad called me later to tell me that my mom wanted me to live with him. permanently.
5 -- when i used my id for the first time...
6 -- i went to midnight rodeo the other night. you ever been there? (following this was a comment about "buns," at which comment i said, ok that's plenty of information from you.
7 -- a girl in nixa, a girl at parkview...
8 -- at ____, if you buy a parking permit they can test you for drugs and stuff. forget that.

i will leave it at that. i think you get the idea.

it will be an adventure. (and we all know i like adventure...)


  1. I'm totally jealous of your job.

  2. I have permantly instituted a no drama room after almost having a girl fight, a total meltdown, and trash talking...on another note, one of my students got busted for alcohol on the 2nd day of school, even the principal thought that was fast. The drug policy is a hot topic in the grove as well...I think they may find out more than they want to know.

  3. Wow, as much as I would love to work with those kids, I am extremely happy that my biggest and strangest conversation so far has been on who is going to be whos boyfriend/girlfriend at recess. Gotta love the teaching profession =)