Friday, August 1, 2008

a shot i can handle

frosting shots: what a great idea.

today my mom brought me a newspaper article about the newest trend in cupcakes (sans the cupcake.) many bakeries around the country are beginning to sell "frosting shots" (shot glasses full of frosting) to customers. an exciting and ingenious idea that makes me wonder, "why didn't i think of that?"

obviously, my mom knows me well. i have been known to eat the icing off of my own piece of cake, plus the icing off about 2-3 others. i can definitely handle this new shot.

if you aren't excited about this new trend, you aren't quite living. also, if you ever get over to the lotz household, this is the only type of shot we'll be serving up. (but don't worry, we'll have several varieties of frosting flavors available.)


  1. I am almost embarrassed to share this of my favorite frostings is the frosting that my mom-in-law puts on her red velvet cake(which is the best red velvet you will ever eat). Anyway, I have been known to make up a batch of the frosting, and eat it slowly over a period of days...a tablespoon full at a time. This shot idea is wonderful as far as I am concerned. Maybe for the next bible study on Sunday nights, we should do this for dessert one time.Or more than one...whatever.

  2. I like to take the frosting and...

    Ok...Cindy...I'll stop. (She just yelled across the room...and said.." Don't comment on that")

    So never mind...I don't really like frosting that much. Well some.

  3. i am going to act like i never read that.

  4. oh, and cin, i am not going to pretend that i don't make some frosting every now and then just to eat with a spoon. cookie dough, too. i'm guilty.