Monday, August 4, 2008


i want to go to africa to love on some little kids so bad. and...

IF i ever get to africa to do mission work, i WILL get a tattoo.

i made this promise to coacher last night, but i feel the need to write it "publicly" so that i don't try to retract the statement--or claim it never happened--in a year or so when we get back from africa. (not that we are definitely going to africa in a year, but just in case the dream comes true..)


  1. Africa had always been a dream of mine too! Let me know if when you're going cause I want to go with you. There is missionary from High Street that works in Kenya. That may be your connection. Connie Vincent is her name.

    God can do it right? I'll be praying about that for you.

  2. if you do get a tattoo, what will it be?

  3. Don't get a tattoo IN Africa...wait till you get home...that is serious advice....

  4. thanks for the advice. that is top-quality. as for the tattoo itself, i'm not sure what it would be. something very SMALL.