Thursday, July 31, 2008

donuts in albuquerque

now that i have your attention: would the giver of four perfectly amazing tray tables please make yourself known?

now that i have discovered the blog's ability to solve problems (i think we eliminated the volleyball coaching deficit with the last blog), i figured i would give it a shot with the tray table predicament. we would love to thank whomever gave us tray tables for our wedding, but we didn't find a name attached to the bags they came in. from the looks of things in our house the day we got back from the honeymoon, though, it's a wonder we even found the kitchen. (we did find the kitchen, as you may remember, and we were in it just long enough to almost burn it down.)

as for the tray tables themselves, we love them. we have a kitchen table, but the tray tables are way more fun to use!

on an entirely unrelated note, weird al has this song...something about albuquerque and donuts. it is about 27 minutes too long.


  1. 1. Way to get a whomever in there. You are an English teacher.
    2. Did you notice how everyone knew every word to that song? Weird.
    3. I wish I had some tray tables.

  2. I knew that Bearclaws were going to be the last donut...I have a WAY with pastry...