Wednesday, June 11, 2008

useful knowledge

I am taking a post-grad course this summer (up until July 3...good timing), so I am spending several hours a week in a classroom. It's a special education course, so I am learning a lot about the process of creating and implementing Individualized Education Plans (IEP), 504s, etc. This class is costing me plenty of money, so I figured I would share some of my newly gained knowledge with you (For some reason this makes me think I am getting more for my money.). Here are a few things I have learned:

1. A kid can get a 504 plan for obesity. This means a kid can use a wheelchair to move around between classes, get special treatment in PE, etc. Now tell me, does that really make much sense? Sheesh. (**A 504 is similar to an IEP, which is used for students with learning disabilities. However, a 504 is for students who have some sort of disability that disrupts their academic performance but does not fall into a specific disability category in an IEP. I am still studying this stuff, so don't blame me if that definition is not Webster-certified.)

2. Apparently, virtually everyone has some sort of learning disability. (??) The professor said this is because we all learn in different ways, and teaching techniques must be modified to match different learning styles.

3. Anyone can get sued for anything. For example, if I told an obese kid he/she should walk to class instead of using the wheelchair, I could probably be sued. Hey, truth sometimes hurts. (Don't kids need to figure this out?)

4. I could probably get a 504 plan that says I need to doodle while taking notes. I am not joking; doodling definitely increases my retention of information. I fully intend to tell my professor this if she asks why I always doodle. If not for doodling, I would be drooling. Which do you prefer?

5. I did not learn this last one in class, but I thought you should know that George Foreman has five sons named George. Wow. (He is also a preacher. Did you know this?!)

That was your free education for today.


  1. As a matter of fact I did know! Did you know that one of his five daughters is named Georgetta, too?

  2. i am working with a kid that has a 504 plan. he is extremely violent, and only going into the 2nd grade. in K he stabbed a teacher, spit on her, redecorated her room, and spent the past year in co-op. because of the 504 we couldn't send him home during summer school after he started throwing erasers at a kids face, which he hit, and then rearranged the principals office. i love children and love working for them, but sometimes i just feel like we are enabling them for failure later on in life.