Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Bryan and Holly: I completely agree with you about the need to put alternative students who share every detail of their lives during class in their own SEPARATE classes. There are a number of reasons this would be the best scenario, but I will limit my list of reasons to the top 3 (in my opinion).

1. When these nonstop talkers are in a class with others like themselves, they will (hopefully) come to realize how truly annoying it is to hear several detailed stories about their new pet squirrel, every experience their kids ever had in grade school, or their aversion to specific drinks or medications. ("I can drink mountain dew, but I am not allowed [self-proclaimed] to drink mountain dew in combination with other sweets. I also cannot take too many Tylenols at a time. All of that makes me act like I'm on drugs or something. I get all loopy and extremely extroverted." Ah-hem...lady, I think you are already extremely extroverted. And that is no exaggeration regarding the actual conversation.)

2. The duration of class would be reduced by about half. I do not feel this needs an explanation.

3. I would not have so many sores on my tongue (and neither would half of the other students in class). I have to bite it quite frequently to stop myself from telling the woman that no one pays money to listen to her talk about mountain dew. Or to listen to her tell the professor how to teach. (Seriously. She did.)

I will stop at that to add that I really do like to hear people speak and tell stories (much more than I like to talk or tell stories). I especially like listening to older people because they are so wise. But I think you all know what I am talking about.

I don't know why I am even writing a blog right now. So much to do...

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  1. i think reason number 2 is the best reason...we all have things to do...don't they?