Friday, May 30, 2008


call me odd, but i find a great deal of pleasure in creating to-do lists and crossing off items. yes, it is summer, but i have only about 1,777 things to do. to name a few:

pick up jeep from the service place. maybe this time they finally found the solution to the starter problem that kept leaving me stranded and frustrated. after all, they did say they would "look harder" this time. thanks. (i called the tow truck the other day, and OF COURSE, the moment the guy pulled in and gave the key a few turns it started. i had been trying and trying, and he didn't do anything special. i promise. that is precisely the reason i refused to call a tow truck in the past. sheesh.)

jump through a bunch of hoops to finally get my teaching contract. (a few hoops include: attending a 5-6 hour meeting for new teachers in the district, getting fingerprinted (again), having people who have already written letters of recommendation fill out a reference form, find my social security card, call so-and-so about such-and-such...etc.)

complete an online teaching portfolio. by monday. with no real instructions.

pray that my bridesmaids' dresses fit.

make favor boxes.

write a wedding program.

find some white shoes to wear in the wedding. (or just give up and buy some cute running shoes, using the wedding as an excuse for cute new running shoes. don't worry, i won't pull a maggie carpenter).

get a decent tan.

figure out how to make a group of 35-40 girls into 2 vb teams, consisting of 20 girls total.

buy my dad a birthday present. (Happy birthday, Daddy.) (he is soo hard to buy for!)

find 2 assistant coaches (anybody need a job?)

shop for groceries. (i feel like i did this yesterday, but there is NOTHING in the cabinet. NOTHING.)

mow the yard.

try on the wedding dress and pray that it fits.

that's where i'll end this. i'm off to kill 2 birds with one: mow AND tan. sure...


  1. thats a lot to do!
    you should realy try checking your email messages!!there are some from me there!!

  2. you know who to call for the Jeep thing!...or maybe you dont, but Lotz should know that you guys can call me anytime.

  3. to kylee,
    i didn't see any! i even checked the spam folder. hmm.

    to sammy,
    thanks for the offer. lincoln-mercury has it AGAIN. (at least the third time.)

  4. i know how you can kill 2 birds with one stone...say "future husband, get out and mow the lawn while i sit here and tan." or are you like holly and actually enjoy mowing the lawn?