Monday, April 14, 2008

An update and Wee Olympics

For all who are eagerly anticipating an update regarding the little bean plant that could, here you go.

The little bean plan has become a mid-sized bean plant. They grow up so fast (sigh, tear), and it looks quite dashing, if I do say so myself.

As for my goal to wear belts more often...well, it is not going so well. I have a fabric belt on today.Does that count?

Moving on, I just remembered a funny thing that happened over the weekend. My friend, Sara, whom I have grown up with since grade school, came to town and we sat in my living room with Fiance talking about life as we knew it then and life as we know it now. She brought up some pretty hilarious happenings I haven't thought about since then, and it was great to realize that she hasn't changed much.

Now for the funny story: Fiance and I told Sara that we had been invited to a Wii Olympics party, and from there the conversation took a couple of wild turns.

Wild turn number one: Fiance and I supposed our friends who were throwing the party were making the Wii games into a competition between friends, wherein they would hand out gold, silver, and bronze metals at a mock Olympic ceremony. Apparently, however, there is an actual Wii game called Wii Olympics, which builds the competition right into the system (abolishing the need for the hosts to create physical medals for an award ceremony).

Wild turn number two (and by far the best): Sara chimed in and said, innocently, "How short ARE these people?"

Wee Olympics. We are sorry we missed them.

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