Tuesday, April 29, 2008

project house

I asked the kids what I should blog about today. First answer: shoes. Second answer: your students. Third (and final) answer, from Ben: houses (i.e. the kind of house in which I want to live). I'll go with that one.

Here is the thing: I already live in a house, and I must say that I like it quite a bit. It is an older home in Springfun that I convinced my parents to buy so we could flip it. I (ok, WE) fixed it up to make it pretty and loveable, and I have to admit I am pretty proud of our improvements. It was so fun to put in the hard work it took to get that house looking worthy of love again. We filled holes in walls, scrubbed and polished wood floors, painted walls and ceilings, put up new dry wall, textured the bathroom walls and ceiling, tiled the sunroom and front porch, and rearranged the front lawn so that random large rocks were not around the lawn. I know what you are thinking: I bet her parents did all the hard work.
I have to admit that my dad did all the electrical stuff and the nasty stuff--cleaning out the tub, examining the crawl-space--and my mom helped quite a bit with cleaning cabinets and scrubbing floors, but I spent hundreds of hours on the thing, and I would do it again in a second. (Evidence of my contributions: One wall of my laundry room is lavender. Fiance says he's okay with the lavender, but I'm not sure I buy that.)

If I had to change something about the house, I would have the "Ugly Tree" taken out of the front yard--it would be replaced with a redbud (which, by the way, I DO have in my backyard, but it is a dainty little thing)--and I would make the porch a huge wrap-around. I would also replace the living room carpet with hardwood floor. (Note: Fiance and I got it in our heads one day that there was nice hardwood flooring under the existing carpet so we pulled up a little bit of it, only to discover a huge hole cut into the otherwise nice hardwood floors below. The hole was human-sized, so we were a bit scared there was a dead body hidden under my house. However, my dad says it was probably just a spot where the floor heater had been. Shew!)

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  1. hillenblogshappywifeMay 8, 2008 at 2:43 PM

    how did I only now find your blog? I just wanted to say, that fiance probably is fine with the lavendar, cause that guy seems fine with you, and everything about you. He adores you, and it is plain to see, and nice to see as well.