Friday, April 4, 2008

beans and belts

I wore a belt to school today. It's the first time in about 3 years that I have actually bothered to do so. It's a new experience for me. My pants actually stay in the right position the whole day. I might possibly get in a habit of wearing belts, but don't hold your breath.

Now, don't think that belts were my only reason for blogging today. Here is the real reason: I have 3 girls in my class right now. Yep, it's true. We are livin' the life, playing the Mad-Lib game, talking about books, and counting down to the weekend.

Also, I am now the proud owner of a bean plant. I can barely maintain the life of my fake plants at home, so the thought of a real, living plant under my care scares me a bit. However, if I am able to keep this thing living for any amount of time I will probably begin a garden at home. I have always secretly wanted one, because my grandparents have a rather large selection of watermelon, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and corn, and I love to feel the soil under my bare feet as I walk between the rows. Sadly, I don't really even like many of those veggies, but I figure I can grow them and sell them to support my habit, which is, by the way, a habit of paying enormous loads of cash to drive to and from school every day.

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