Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At the moment, my students are writing in their journals (at least, they're supposed to be writing in their journals...and I think they are today!). They are supposed to be writing a speech or advertisement they would use if they were running for President of the United States. I would do the same, except that I would never want to be the President of anything really, let alone the Commander in Chief of our nation.

Therefore, instead of writing my advertisement I will write about my longing to open a store of some sort. It really doesn't matter what kind of store, but I think it would be a lot like Anthropologie, except it would have more decorative items for your house and not as much clothing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE their clothing line; I'm just not gutsy enough to wear any of it.

OR, I would open a Max Brenner's Chocolate By the Bald Guy. If you've never heard of this place, boy are you missing out. I'm missing out, too, by the way, because I've only heard about it. Sometimes I dream about it. They make entire meals out of chocolate! Heavenly. Anyway, I would open one of these right downtown, as soon as they get rid of all of those bars and trash-joints downtown. Here's to hoping...

Finally, I would like to open a gym. When I say "gym" I do not mean a typical gym, because most places that call themselves gyms are simply places in which to work out. Often they do not even have gyms.

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