Monday, January 7, 2008

wicked weekend

Over the weekend, my mom and 2 sisters-in-law went to STL to see the play, Wicked. Let me just tell you a few things about that experience:
1) I am ridiculously jealous of the voices of the actors/actresses in the play. Their voices were strong, clear, and flawless...ridiculous I tell you. They put them in the middle of a stage and they just belt their hearts out, all while dancing and jumping and flying around. I cannot even begin to imagine doing that in front of thousands the way they do. I would pee my pants on stage, for sure. It's almost sickening--only not.
2) The play itself was spectacular. The lines were witty, and the odd vocabulary development made my day (I AM an English teacher) . Words like disrespectation, confusifying, etc, yessss.
3) I wish I owned the store, Anthropology. Then I would use all of those products to outfit my house, and I would have an excuse to wear that type of clothing...Because honestly, where would I have any business wearing half of those clothes?
4) I think my family needs another baby. Let me be clear about this: The baby will not be mine, nor will it be Angie's, so I guess there's only one sister-in-law left who will take this challenge. Hmmm...I wonder who that might be!?
5) I looked at wedding dresses. Hated them all. Too much froo-froo-ity. Lace, butt bows, gauze, 70-layers,'s all too much. Plus, I would imagine those dresses would weigh about 20 pounds, and in the dead-heat of a Missouri July wedding. Ugh. No thank you.
6) Mr. Coacher and I are still looking for a wedding location. I am thinking Hawaii or Tahiti look pretty good about now.
7) It was 70 degrees here yesterday. Too bad I didn't enjoy it, as I was lying in bed with a fever and a queasy stomach. I still don't feel so hot, but I am begging my students for mercy, and they have been willing to oblige a bit.
8) I was just reminiscing with a friend about a manly-man football player from our high school who is now acting, dancing, and twirling on stage. I will need to reserve some tickets for a future show just to make sure this is true. (This is unrelated to the weekend, but somewhat related to theater so I made it fit.)
9) I want some saltine crackers.

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