Monday, January 28, 2008

similarly speaking

On a similar tangent...
I have recently been looking at the lyrics to many songs, mostly because I am trying to plan a nontraditional wedding with some songs off the beaten path. here are a few gems i have stumbled across, or someone has stumbled across for me (For those of you guys out there who might be reading my blog, i apologize ahead of time for the occasional sappiness of the lyrics, but do yourself a favor and commit a few of these lines to memory. You will thank me later when you are able to woo a girl by pulling a few of these lines off the top of your head in a crunch situation:

"People say we are where we belong./ We hold eachother's hands /As if we're holding on.
And to me a little of your you/ Is like /A little bit of sun /That makes the moon." ~Jon McLaughlin

"So put me in the river and let me say "I do," I'm only alive with you."

~Jars of Clay

Cause I’ll be more than a man for you / I’ll do anything you ask me to / Heartache or heaven / Baby I will, pursue."
~Dave Barnes

"Well you got your good looks - uh huh / And you got your style / And I'd drown here in this ocean / Just to have you float my boat for a while / I got a reputation - uh huh / Don't you worry about that / Just give me a chance and we're never gonna ever look back."
~Pat Green

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