Friday, January 25, 2008

nontraditionally speaking

If most people took a good look at me, they would probably automatically assume I am a traditionalist. I wear khaki pants. I use my blinker when switching lanes. My hair has never been blue, pink, or green (except that time I got locked out of a hotel room and had to stay in the chlorinated pool for 2 hours...then it was a nice shade of pistachio). I have only one piercing in each ear and no tattoos. I believe in doing what's right, and I love my family.

However, despite all outward appearances, I don't think I'm as much of a traditionalist as it may seem. For example, I love adventure. I will jump off a cliff backwards into a lake. I will jump out of an airplane with my body attached to a parachute and a stranger who is in charge of my fate. I will run a marathon in Alaska, hike to a glacier the day after, then go white water rafting the next day. And I will love every second.

Another example of nontraditionalism: The wedding ceremony. We will not be doing anything the "normal" way. Our songs are not "wedding songs." I will be entering to the tune of Coldplay's "Til Kingdom Come." There will be no singing in the ceremony, just before it, and we will probably have a drummer and a couple of guitars in the mix. The songs are nontraditional songs, but they still contain drops of love and thought within their words. We have three so far..."The Story," "I Will Not Take My Love Away," and "Your Love Will Never Change," none of which are mainstream. We are still looking for the 4th song, but Patty Griffin and/or Derek Webb are lookin' pretty good. - ("When It Don't Come Easy," by Patty...a great song.
And it provides another example of my nontraditionalism in that I am an English teacher and the song title contains poor grammar! ) Bradlee would like a little Bob Dylan in there somewhere, so that might be thrown in, too.

Secondly, we will have games at the wedding. Not your typical "Dollar Dance"-type games. I am talking washers (possibly), croquet, and card games (yes, poker is considered a card game. Don't act so shocked about it.)

Thirdly, I will not be wearing a veil...too much froo-froo for me. I would probably trip on it or get it stuck on a chair as I walk down the aisle. Simple is best where we're concerned, so a flower or something will do just fine. (Sidenote: The lady at David's Bridal threw a veil AND a tiara on my head when I was trying on dresses. TOO MUCH! I am no princess, nor am I bridezilla. I don't want so much stuff...)

Lastly, the groom. He is nontraditional to the core (which I like!). He has more than one tattoo, which surprises the pee out of most people I've grown up with (which I also like!), and he has no fear of tellin' it like it is, which is perfect because that might possibly be one of my biggest fears.

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