Thursday, January 3, 2008


i have yet to think of a title for this blog because i don't know exactly what i'll be writing about. there are about a thousand and five different things to say, so i'm wondering which should come first in the new year. here are thoughts of mine, in no particular order:
1 - i am getting married in july. this means i will be running around springfun like an idiot trying to get things done. we are thinking semi-nontraditional. there is no need to make weddings awkward, but all too often that is what they become. i think we want a very large party with a wedding thrown in somewhere along the lines. i will also be taking graduate classes and teaching, which means i will be forced to have my head in a book most of the time (this would usually be a good thing, but the books i'll be looking at for classes will be about differentiated instruction, school policies, grade level expectations, etc.; not a beach-read by any means.)
1a - does anyone know of a beautiful wedding location that will hold about 400 people? cause i don't, and it looks like that's about how many guests we'll have. yikes. i guess that means people like us.
2 - i just got back from sunny san diego. even the thought of people surfing at this very moment makes me a bit nauseated. it's about 22 degrees here in springfun, and they are out there in SD getting tanned faces and toned muscles. yes, i realize i could get a fake tanned body and toned muscles from the gym, but where is the fun in that? there is no beach in the gym.
3 - i missed my students.
4 - i will not become bridezilla.
5 - i like chocolate. i also like water. yum.

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