Thursday, January 10, 2008

good things

it's about time for a discussion of all things good.

good memory: Christmas morning, playing blow darts (not REAL ones) with my dad and brothers. yes, we celebrated Christmas by pelting each other with spit-covered rubber weapons. it was particularly fun when we could hear a "POP" as someone got hit in the face with a juicy one. really, we do love each other; we just have a very special way of sharing that love.
good moment of the day: finally figured out where to get married. it will be at the boathouse at lake springfield, where we saw about 20 deer last night. please don't judge the location based on the label "boathouse." trust me, it's way better than your run-of-the-mill metal building. even this pic does not do the place justice, because when it's dark out the lights shine on the cool stones on the other side of the building and it looks amazing. there's also a lake behind it and a nice big park on the side. perfect.
good music: little big town, pat green, coldplay, colbie caillat. alexi murdough.
good day: friday. but the day those wedding bells ring (figuratively speaking) will be even better.
good flower: orchid. lavender daisies.
good places: hawaii, alaska in june, costa rica, colorado, australia, new zealand, home.
good movie: pride and prejudice. love and basketball. remember the titans.
good parents: mine.