Monday, January 14, 2008


"Don't worry, be happy." It sounds simple, but this is quite possibly one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received. Who gave me this advice? Bobby McFerrin, of course. His advice came via a song my mom used to play for me when I started stressing about life at the age of 4. "Don't worry," she'd always say. "Be happy." Then she'd magically find the song on the radio at the precise time she needed to play it for me.
It's true, I was a giant ball of stress from the beginning. I think I started stressing about retirement funds and 401k's from age 3 on. One particular instance of ultimate stress came during the watermelon seed episode. I swallowed a watermelon seed and, believing the lies my brothers had planted into my head, began planning my funeral due to the impending explosion within my belly. I was positive the watermelon would begin to grow inside me, and I would die because of it. Therefore, I planted myself on the couch in resignation, crying over the life I would never get to live.
These days, thanks to the encouragement of McFerrin, I will live without worry of another watermelon seed attack.