Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas wish list

here are just a few things i'd like to see this Christmas:
1 -- a mute button for people (only a few of them)
2 -- an unlimited budget to spruce up the ol' classroom
3 -- computers for every student
4 -- effort from every student
5 -- an absence of negative people (not just in my classroom)
6 -- an end to the writers' strike (I am tired of reruns)
7 -- San Diego in 60-degree weather (I'll let you know how that goes. I'm leavin' in 7 days.)
8 -- guidelines for education that are similar to the Chinese (They teach about a third of the material American schools teach, but their students learn that chosen material better. Their students are performing well-above American students, so you'd think we would take a clue or two from them, don't you?)
9 -- a volleyball court to play on at any time I so desire.
10 -- an omniscient companion to continually provide guidance and insight. (Yes, I realize I have this at any time I so desire, but I need to utilize that resource more often and more dependently.)

that's all for now. brain=dead.

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