Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here I am, putting my idea into practice. I will have about 5.5 seconds to write today, because I just spent the last 7.5 minutes telling students to stop talking. It disappoints me when they know what they are supposed to be doing and they continue to make the wrong choices. Even more frustrating is the fact that the other students, who are behaving, have to deal with the ones who are off-task. What's more, I would love to do more exciting things with my classes, but so far a few students have proven that they cannot handle the freedom that might afford them. To those students who are doing what's right, I apologize. I hate getting on to students, but that is the constant armpit of my job. That part stinks.

FYI..The journal topic for today: What is the purpose of flies? (Some students' answers have included: to annoy you, to chase around for exercise, to eat poop, etc. My answer: to keep your pants from falling down.)

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